Life as a King Content intern

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At King Content we’ve had university students and recent graduates going through our internship program over the last eight weeks. We asked them to document their first day in the office. These are their stories.

Ben Baker, Intern

Ben Baker, Intern

Ben Baker

What aspect of content marketing are you most passionate about? Content marketing is the product of  too many “You’re the 1,000,000th vistor, collect your $1000 here!” ads. In addition to a brand’s core purpose, content marketing allows brands to develop, whilst also helping society’s informational needs.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a Rockstar thanks to The Wiggles.

My favourite app is: Snapchat – it’s made my screenshotting game a lot stronger.

Favourite ad/marketing campaign is: The iconic ad ‘Not Happy, Jan’ takes a very Australian, light-hearted way to show the ramifications of not remembering the deadline.

Marketing firms notoriously take advantage of their interns to fuel their staff’s widespread caffeine addictions. Unreliable sources indicate that 63% of Nescafe’s revenue stems from the marketing industry. Going into this internship, I had a strong, preconceived idea of what an internship would be like. I thought that by the end of it, I would remember people by their barista-brewed beverage of choice and would have six-pack abs from the repeated 100-yard dashes to the local café down the road. Although the latter does not seem all that bad, the primary purpose of an internship is to learn.

As I walked into the King Content office for my first day, I wasn’t expecting any learning to occur during my internship. However, this expectation was very quickly blown away. Within moments, I found myself being amicably introduced to all the staff in the office. We then moved on to the think-tank/brain-storming session that is the fortnightly Creative Cornflakes.

Thinking is a bit of an ask on an early Monday morning, but the Creative Cornflakes session was surprisingly engaging and productive! The free food helped, but it is really King Content’s open and creative dynamic that drives the success of these meetings. Essentially, we were assigned into groups, which would have to come up with ideas for a social media/native campaign. I found the process a great experience, as everyone was so positive and open to novel ideas. I wasn’t shunned as the ‘new guy’ and I felt as though my voice was being heard and taken seriously. The support staff in the office were also engaged in the process, which further highlights the company’s all-inclusive approach. Creativity can come from anywhere, from anyone, at any time, and it was so refreshing to see that King Content has this attitude.

After my first experience with a professional think-tank, the two other interns and I moved on to a day of conversations with King Content’s very enthusiastic managers. We learnt about King Content’s point of difference and the various business functions that make things happen. We interns could see that these are people who truly do enjoy their work, which speaks to the swift growth of King Content’s client portfolio. This validated my ambition to work in the marketing industry. If my career can replicate King Content’s success and I can still be as excited to work in the industry as this team is, then this is definitely what I want to do.

Scarlett Govey, Intern

Scarlett Govey, Intern

Scarlett Govey

What aspect of content marketing are you most passionate about? Developing content marketing strategies particularly within the social media sphere.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I’d done ballet since I was very young and therefore I followed the somewhat cliché path of wanting to be a ballerina.

My Favourite app is: The Find My iPhone app is my saving grace as I manage to lose my phone regularly.

Favourite ad/marketing campaign: TAC (transport accident commission) 2013 Road Trip Forever campaign. The campaigned used Facebook to allow the viewer to be a part of a virtual experience of taking a road trip with friends. The online film is aimed at young women and the distractions of phones whilst driving.

When I stepped into the King Content office earlier this week, the enthusiastic staff invited me into their dedicated and hardworking team.

When I arrived, the head of HR handed me a structured program of the tasks I would undertake over the next eight weeks. This highlights the company’s structure and its commitment to provide me with appropriate tasks to best benefit my learning.

On Monday morning, the King Content team put my mind to the test with an entire staff meeting, appropriately named Creative Cornflakes. This revealed a group of people passionate about their company’s values and the overall team-orientated mentality.

I assumed my university learnings about the marketing industry would be enough; unfortunately I was quite wrong! After Creative Cornflakes I asked a native advertising question, which I anticipated would only receive a short answer, but the 20-minute response blew me away, further highlighting the staff’s enthusiasm and the gaps in my knowledge.

Similarly, the staff showed genuine interest in me and made me feel even more at home through induction meetings with key members of the team. The King Content team has different content marketing arms, from social media to editorial, and each team leader took the time to explain their role and the team’s place in the company. We also learnt about the plethora of clientele and partnerships associated with King Content, which reaffirmed its success in the industry.

Before King Content, I had completed four other industry-related internships of varying length, ranging from two weeks to three months. Those programs didn’t have the structure I found at King Content, nor did staff make an effort to be accountable for my learning. After completing those internships, I feel King Content’s detailed program specifically identifies the various areas and tools in marketing that I need to learn in order to succeed.

I couldn’t be more appreciative for this experience, and the time the staff have taken to establish this program and their willingness to share information. I’m excited for the weeks to come and hope to eventually become a ‘king’ at writing content.


Caroline Collins, Editorial Assistant

Caroline Collins, Editorial Assistant

Caroline Collins

What aspect of content marketing are you most passionate about? Content marketing is a relatively new concept, so it is exciting to be apart of something new. I am especially excited about the possibility of finding other peoples’ passions and telling their stories.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Marine biologist – turns out science is not my forte.

Favourite ad/marketing campaign The Guardians ‘Three Little Pigs’ – i like it because they took and old story and told it in a new and exciting way that actually made me want to read the paper.


The first thing I noticed, when I started as an intern, is that King Content is a fun, engaging and social place to work. Everybody goes out of their way to make you feel welcome – and there was even a welcome cake! There’s always new and exciting work to be shared, a work social, opportunities to learn and someone to chat with.

The HR manager introduced me to the different ‘teams’ in King Content, and described where they fit and what they do in the company. Through the inductions I gained an in-depth perspective of content marketing, and why it’s becoming such an important area in media and communications. The main takeaway was: content marketing is all about storytelling and creating engaging content.

My tasks are quite varied. On a typical day I might be asked to update a social media calendar, assist with proposal development or write a blog post. In the short time I’ve been an intern, I’ve become more confident with my abilities and have learnt valuable skills, such as how to use Salesforce. Most importantly, I haven’t felt or been treated like an intern and the work I’ve been doing is actually being used, which is a great feeling.

Key learnings:

– If you are available, always offer your help.
– Always have a notepad and pen on you.
– Manage your time.

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