Lenovo Think Conversations – Best practice for reaching professionals

December 16, 2014Uncategorized

Claire Slattery, Content Strategist, King Content Singapore

How do you cut through the noise when it comes to talking about technology to business professionals? This is a challenge Lenovo had to face when looking for ways to reach a new target audience with its messages about the ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

The iconic mobile computing brand, owned by Lenovo since 2005, has a strong heritage in design and durability. The company’s research told them that ThinkPad resonated with an older, professional audience. That’s not a bad place to be, but in the increasingly competitive mobile computing space, Lenovo was looking for a way to heighten awareness and consideration of the brand among younger consumers.

“The ThinkPad X1 Carbon proposition was that you needn’t compromise between productivity and credibility on one side, and self-expression, social connection and entertainment on the other,” says Meyrick D’Souza, Lenovo’s social strategic planner.

“We were also targeting a new audience – the entrepreneur in the small to medium-size business market. We needed a more human and emotional platform to engage with.”

With this in mind, Lenovo created Think Conversations, a portal strategically designed to align with this messaging. The goal was to increase online engagement, drive awareness and influence technology decision-making among educated, creative professionals and entrepreneurs within the 20-to-45 age bracket.

Building on this existing website, King Content proposed the concept of ‘Professional Redefined’, a series of stories showcasing individuals who have redefined themselves or those who have redefined the businesses for which they work.

“We came up with the idea of creating compelling editorial content around the theme of people who have successfully taken their business or career forward – how they overcame problems, found solutions and how technology helped them achieve those things,” says Peter Bakker, commercial director for King Content Singapore.

King Content went out and found 28 entrepreneurs and businesspeople who met those criteria and generated a series of feature articles and videos that were shared via the Think Conversations portal.

The campaign was amplified through social media and supported by the Think Hub Showcase Page on LinkedIn.

As a result, Think Conversations received 14,000 unique visitors for the whole campaign period. The site maintained a low bounce rate, and articles generated a high number of shares across social, indicating the content was resonating with readers.

Paid media tactics from LinkedIn helped drive nearly half of the traffic to Think Conversations. Consistent testing and tracking allowed for the optimisation of best-performing ad formats (Polls and Spotlight Ads).

LinkedIn’s Think Hub Showcase Page drove quality referrals to the site, with one of the highest average time spent, pages viewed per session and lowest bounce rate compared to other referrals.

“Professional Redefined leveraged the unique design of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon that balanced professional computing needs with the needs of the consumer,” says D’Souza. “It allowed us to tell the compelling stories of entrepreneurs who had redefined themselves in a way that we can immediately connect with.”

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