King Content's TOP FIVE ways to easily engage your customers with relevant content

March 12, 2011Uncategorized

When it comes to social media and online content, there’s a fairly simple approach, which can really help establish a loyal and growing readership.

One area in which most digital marketers tend to fall short is that they say all they have to say in the space of a few weeks, and then struggle to keep up the same quality of the content at the same pace. Consequently their followers peak, and then steadily lose interest.

Many digital markers admit that this is because they dedicate a large amount of time to launching social media campaigns then find that it’s an unrealistic expectation to be able to continuously keep this up.

King Content have come up with the top five ways to continuously engage customers online effortlessly:


So, you’ve already set aside time for the planning stage. Good. Now, before you go in guns blazing and throw every single article your company has ever written up online, plan a long-term content attack. Write down all the articles you currently have to post and determine which stories have life. Leave these for a later date – use a calendar to remind you of when these should go up, and if possible, tie them into larger company marketing proposals.


Remember that when it comes to online social content, it’s not about formalities. You don’t have to constantly be posting formal, lifeless stories announcing company changes and news. Engage your customers as if they were a friend. Come up with a daily ‘themed’ post … it could be as simple as ‘today we’re keeping our on XXX’ or a daily question relating loosely top your brand/industry.

You can do this by creating character profiles for your customers – try and develop three customer archetypes and print these out as a constant reminder. Speak to these personalities in a personal way – post statuses that you think they would appreciate – this will help keep tone consistent and as soon as you get used to speaking to these people, updating your social media page will be effortless.

Free listings

In the planning stages set your company up on free listing tools such as Google Alerts. You will receive emails indicating all places where your specific ‘alert’ is mentioned – this can be anything you wish, from your company name to specific words. For example, if you own a decorating company you could set up alerts such as ‘decorating in Australia’, ‘home decorating Sydney’. However, definitely set up an alert for your company name as each time you’re mentioned online you’ll be told about it. This opens you up to new conversations and customers.

This also helps when your content is running low: quick searches on sites like Social Mention or Addict-o-matic will point you towards news mentions or other industry mentions. Feed these into your social media page for quick and easy content updates.

Share groups

Link your facebook page to other facebook pages and share content and information with similar companies or those that have a direct interest in your business. This will help you at times when you’re too busy to write new articles from scratch and will also help you to gain new readers.

Duplicate content that is constant

Don’t forget that everything on your company website can be used somehow! If you have a weekly blog, post it. If you send out a newsletter, quickly turn around a few articles and share them online. Every aspect of your online business should feed into each other. Link facebook to twitter and twitter to Linkedin, that way you’ll be across endless platforms effortlessly.