How to make content marketing more effective

August 18, 2014Uncategorized

How to make content marketing more effective

While the benefits of content marketing are widely known, practical knowledge on achieving business success using online content can prove more elusive. Our panel at the Sydney event ‘How to be an effective content marketer’, held in conjunction with Warc and TrinityP3, served up some actionable content marketing know-how that can revolutionise your online brand presence.

Joining the panel was our own head of strategy Todd Wheatland, TrinityP3 senior consultant Anton Buchner, Thomson Reuters strategic marketing senior manager Luana Zugman, and Robert Half marketing manager Skye Murray.

Here are their top tips.

Recruit brand champions internally

“One thing that has helped our content marketing become more successful is if you can put it in the hands of your employees,” says Skye.

Whether this means allowing your staff to contribute to your social media program, write long-form blog posts or distribute your company’s branded content, involving your employees will help amplify your message.

Invest in your brand’s mission

Anton emphasises the importance of aligning your content marketing strategy to your business plan.

As your business grows, your end goal and the way you drive your business towards it may change. Have you recently assessed the direction your business is going in? Does your company still align itself with the same mission and values as it did at inception? Once you have a firm understanding of the message that resonates with your business you’re free to develop a content marketing strategy or approach which maps to that business plan. Failing to do this leaves you at risk of simply creating short-term content for content’s sake.

Familiarise yourself with your customers’ lifecycle

Todd puts forward a poignant question: “Who has already talked to the customer?”

The more stakeholders there are in your company, the more conversations will already be taking place between your company and your target customer. Consider the sales team who are hoping to sell to your audience; the social media team who are listening to and monitoring customer conversations, and of course the customer service team who are directly responding to your customers.

“Anyone who touches, engages and connects – no matter how senior or junior they are – can all provide incredible insights about your customer,” Todd says. These insights can help your company frame customer personas, including their problems and challenges.

Luana shares a similar sentiment: “What journey do you want to take that audience, customer or prospect on?” Match your audience with their desires, needs and wants, and marry them in your content marketing strategy.”

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