Content marketing for HR: How to attract top talent without a recruitment firm

March 10, 2015Uncategorized

Bringing in a recruitment firm to help with hiring for highly-skilled roles can alleviate the required workload for interviewing applicants, but it can also be pricey for a company’s HR budget.

This is why some of our more innovative Asia-based companies are looking to use an inbound approach to recruitment and are eliminating some of the high costs usually required to lure in top talent. How are they doing this? Through strategic use of content marketing for HR.

According to the 2015 Global Recruiting Trends annual report by LinkedIn, the gap between hiring volumes and hiring budgets is increasing. This means recruiting leaders must do more with less in 2015.

With many recruitment firms charging up to three months’ salary of a hired employee as their fee, companies are beginning to reconsider where those recruitment dollars could best be used.

For example, take a company that is quickly looking to hire 50 technical staff as part of a regional reorganisation. With an average salary of $100,000 per employee and a 20 per cent fee for each new hire, that’s $1 million in recruitment fees alone.


Levelling the playing field


Professional social networking services such as LinkedIn have really empowered internal HR teams and levelled the playing field in terms of access to top talent. While companies can now find the best talent using these networks, not every organisation is using these resources effectively.

The process for setting up a talent brand on a professional social network is a simple marketing model, as outlined in LinkedIn’s report:

  1. Segment: Determine the types of people that fit the available jobs.
  2. Target: Prioritise and pursue high-priority candidates.
  3. Position: Create a narrative and message that amplifies your company’s talent brand.
  4. Product and price: Tell the story of the job and work environment and outline the salary and benefits.
  5. Promotion: Build relationships with talent communities, social and digital content marketing.

Content is the key

As competition for employees increases, companies need to actively promote their business as a desirable brand to work for.

But how does one go about doing this? The answer is through sharing inspirational stories in the professional networks where the top talent spend their time.

For some companies, this might be about building awareness and interest in their brand, while for others who are already in the consideration set, it might be about creating desire or driving action to apply for a role.

Whatever point in the sales funnel your brand is at with potential candidates, it’s through content that companies can cost-effectively build communities and drive results.


Four content marketing tips for HR professionals

  1. Make sure you have a hub to host your content on. When the time comes to promote job posts through LinkedIn, your careers website or page should already be well populated with interesting articles, videos and more.
  2. Update your company’s careers page on LinkedIn as often as possible. Include employee brand videos to inspire potential candidates, along with stories and images that reflect the brand you want to portray.
  3. Get as many of your employees as possible to become fans of the organisation’s careers page and to write testimonials about working for the company. These can then be targeted to different visitors based on the profiles in the ‘Featured Employees’ section.
  4. Promote your articles and videos to targeted groups to boost exposure. This will ensure you have new professionals visiting your site and increases the chance they will apply for a job with you.


Peter Bakker, commercial director – Asia