How can you make your audience remember you?

February 8, 2016Uncategorized
Lucy Walker, Native & Social Strategist

Lucy Walker, Native & Social Strategist

Have you been “wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet” Adele at karaoke while she raps Nicki Minaj? Why does everyone suddenly know that it’s “too late now to say sorry” (and that’s not just the dedicated Beliebers)?

There’s a time and place for content that focuses on life hacks and X number of simple tips, but if you want your audience to remember you, then you need to cut through the crowd with something a little more ‘out there’.

Most brands are on the content bandwagon, and have been for a while, but many get stuck in a rut – their marketing is as memorable as the first winner of X Factor. And now that you’re trying to think of who actually won the first X Factor, do you know how a brand can make sure it’s remembered?

Unconscious relationships with brands

Expectations for content have risen. Not only are audiences consuming more content than ever before, but it’s also very simple to access high-quality content. This means people want more… and more… and more. You might feel like your brand is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s being remembered.

As brands create and publish content, consumers form unconscious relationships with the brands, which then influence their purchasing decisions. As the relationships develop, content can be used to shape expectations, and cause consumers to automatically have an opinion before even thinking about making a purchase. However, these opinions aren’t set in stone – consumer opinions and relationships are up for grabs. While every consumer has a preferred brand, tactics can be used to mould a person’s brand perception. The tactics are most effective when consumers have multiple touchpoints, from a brand’s website and social channels all the way through to mentions within the media.

Your audience has a favourite and it may not be you

Everyone has a favourite. From a favourite pair of jeans or hair-care product right down to toilet paper, people want to find brands they like. So how do you become the favourite? Your brand needs to consistently demonstrate value and quality, understand what your audience is looking for, and then stand out from the crowd. It worked for Justin Bieber – he knows it’s never too late to say sorry and start the relationship all over again.

When you look at brands such as the Kardashians or Nike, they have a notable cult following that, for some, is a guilty secret. Yes, these brands provide consumers with content, but the brand is not just a TV show or a pair of shoes, it’s a lifestyle choice. What these successful brands do well is provide consumers with an insight into how life is so much better with their products. For example, the Kardashians use multiple social media channels to give users snippets of content that inspire people to sign up to an app to receive exclusive content. Nike not only helps you dress well at the gym, but it gives you training options, a free training club and a Spotify playlist to match. Successful brands give customers what they want, and more, and they do it differently from everyone else.

Brands need to think outside the box to make sure they’re not just another fad that gets lost in the history books, like streaky blonde highlights or shutter shades. Your brand should be able to consistently demonstrate why a consumer should take notice of you over brands that understand what the audience is looking for. A member of the Backstreet Boys once said “as long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything” – the same can be said for brands. Treat your audience well, develop strong relationships and step outside your comfort zone, and people will remember you.

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