GoPro squeezes into fashion with clever content marketing

March 16, 2015Uncategorized

Think of GoPro and what springs to mind? Red lips, catwalks and a Victoria’s Secret model behind the scenes at Good Morning America?

Before New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 (the collections just shown for next season), the answer was probably ‘heck no’. Death-defying snowboarding stunts, cliff jumping and crazy urban skating, yes, but fashion? Hardly.

GoPro has built an incredibly strong brand through powerful content marketing. Its devices are now associated with exciting adventures and it seems like everyone who travels captures their amazing experiences on a GoPro. It’s achieved the genius thing of having the audience do the content marketing for them.

So it’s nailed the active, adventure market, but what does the team at GoPro do when they decide they need to inject a bit of glamour into the brand?

Do they take out ads in WWD? Book a page in Harper’s Bazaar or Elle? This would seem a little weird for fashionistas to happen upon, as while they currently associate the brand with cool, sure, it’s really seen more as a ‘bro brand’, not a ‘catwalk cam’. If this (essentially) action sports brand was to suddenly start screaming, ‘This is how models capture their most fabulous moments in their most fabulous lives’, it would seem jarring and forced.

Unless they let the best in the business tell the story for them.

So, they transition its on-the-go camera from sporty to sexy by having supermodel Karlie Kloss tote a GoPro down a NYFW runway, before taking it backstage at Carolina Herrera  and Good Morning America. Then, in a going-all-out move synonymous with fashion (but stealthily organic), the brand has Vogue produce the film.  And the images of Kloss, with a GoPro in hand, go global. Bam.

What’s more, GoPro also partnered with designer Nicole Miller at NYFW to capture all the makings of a fabulous fashion show. Suddenly, just like that, GoPro is the fashion techie toy of the moment.

By partnering with top fashion names in different and unexpected ways and telling stories that are truly insightful and interesting to a whole new set of audiences (and not ramming the message, ‘Buy GoPro, you style-lovers’ down anyone’s throat), the brand managed to successfully, and subtly, position itself in the minds of an entirely new demographic who may just come to love GoPro devices as much as their powder-hound, adrenaline-seeking core fans.

Moral of the story? Fabulous storytelling is always the best way to reach audiences, new and old. Authentic, powerful storytelling, told in a real, organic and meaningful way by relevant voices works. And this is content marketing done well.

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Header image courtesy of the New York Fashion Week photo diary of Sonny Vandevelde.