Google to launch +1 tomorrow!

June 2, 2011Uncategorized

Google doesn’t often tend to do things ‘accidentally’ when it comes to the web – so we’re a little dubious about the reasoning behind the latest announcement which Google accidentally let slip: that their +1 function is launching TOMORROW.

It appears a partner company let the big news slip, breaching embargo policies etc etc and leaking it to Tech Crunch – who then, obviously, leaked it to the world…

Tech Crunch heard from Clearspring PR regarding news on their partnership with Google’s soon to be launched +1 function… and ooops, just like that, the news is spread to the world and interest peaked.

This is clearly Google’s little way of gaining some momentum without having to do any work at all – we all love to think we’re in on one of Google’s secrets and before we know it we’re ‘+1ing’ everything we see (the term maybe needs some work Google) and they have a successful new feature.

Google’s +1 is being integrated into search landing pages in order to help content stand out in search results. It gives users the ability to ‘+1’ content – much the same as you would ‘like’ something on facebook.

The more chances users get to +1 content, the more likely that a company’s URL will show up in search results with +1 annotations. This helps users determine which results are most useful and helps publishers better engage with their audience.

It’s basically ‘liking’ content on search results pages – and as with many changes Google make, we’ll have to like it whether we do actually like it or not!