The future of video: Sydney event wrap up

July 17, 2015Uncategorized

The dimly lit room was packed with guests desperate to escape the cold. They indulged in a warm glass of mulled wine and some freshly toasted, buttered popcorn before filling the 1940s art-deco cinema.

It was Tuesday this week that we hosted a panel discussion, presentation and drinks event at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar, Paramount House in Surry Hills.

The panel members, representing some of Australia’s leading brands, creators and platforms, were there to discuss how the digitisation of everything, mobile opportunities and social behaviour are driving the shift in the way audiences consume, share and seek information online. In particular, they were keen to explain how this has increased the need for brands to reorganise budgets to harness video content in order to create an emotional connection, tell a story and drive action throughout the customer journey.

If you’re interested in attending ‘The Future is Video’ in Melbourne register your interest.

Here’s an infographic with a wrap of the event:

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