Five ways to win the support of sales and be a content marketing hero

April 22, 2014Uncategorized

Content marketing heroYou already understand the benefits of content marketing and know that it’s the best approach to achieve your business objectives, but is everyone on board?

Too often sales and marketing teams speak a different language, each wondering what the other does all day. While you might recognise the benefits of content marketing, it can take longer to change the way sales teams think about how to attract and engage prospects in the digital age.

Here are five easy ways to explain the benefits of content marketing, win the support (and adoration) of your sales team and in doing so become a content marketing hero.



How much will your sales team love you if you can deliver them higher-quality leads ripe for a sales call?

Instead of spending hours on the phone calling prospects who are lukewarm – or worse, not even in the market to purchase – you can use content to attract the exact type of clients you want, and to create a path that effectively weeds out anyone who isn’t ready to purchase. Your head of sales will be bringing you coffee and cupcakes in no time.


An effective inbound strategy can eradicate the need for your sales team to make cold calls. Believe it or not, people are already out there looking for your solutions and services. You don’t need to sell to them, you just need to make it easy for them to find you by putting the right content in the right places at the right times. You’ll create enough inbound demand that your sales staff will soon be so busy responding to enquiries they won’t even have time to flick through the phone book.


The content you create for your company blog, social channels, EDMs and more doubles as great customer-ready collateral for your sales team. Find a way to make your content easily accessible to your sales staff so that they can quickly share it during client meetings, or as a follow-up to trigger a further conversation. You’ll create an invaluable resource for your sales team – lots of great content on topics that support their conversations with prospects.


Are your sales staff active on social media? Channels like LinkedIn are an amazing way for your sales team to demonstrate their knowledge and connect with prospects – and content is the currency that fuels all of those online conversations. Give your sales team the content they need to share frequently with their networks, attract interested prospects and start conversations.


Imagine if your sales team could tell you what to create! Content marketing offers an incredible opportunity for sales and marketing to work closer than ever before. Sales staff are on the front line speaking to customers every day, so they have first-hand knowledge about what your customers need and want. They know what questions prospects are asking and what their biggest challenges are.

That kind of information is invaluable fodder for your content marketing efforts. It will take some work, but with a little effort and education you can create an ongoing feedback loop for your sales team to share their ideas, observations and insights on topics of interest to your consumers. Their feedback becomes the basis for the content you create, which in turn goes back to the sales team to be shared.

The great thing about content marketing is that it’s not a role (or a department), it’s a philosophy that stretches right across your organisation. So it’s time to break down those old-fashioned silos and harness the power of your sales team.

These are just a handful of ways in which your sales team will see the benefits of your content marketing efforts. So get talking! We suggest you print out a few copies of this checklist and leave them lying strategically around the office. 

Nicole Stevens – Content Strategist