Five questions to ask your SEO content marketing company

September 28, 2012Uncategorized

Dealing with a number of clients in a variety of different industries, I’d like to mention some of the common questions we get asked by new clients that helps them decide which content marketing agency to go with.

1. Why do I need custom content?

This question all depends on the kind of business and website you have. If you have an e-commerce site and your business relies on selling products online then you need content in order to maintain that client base. Are you happy with that single sale, or do you want to target them with exclusive online offers or product information based on what you know they’ve already purchased?

If your business provides a service then the question would be how do you currently get your message out there? If your service is selling financial advice, such as a mortgage broker, you want to be known as an authority on mortgages. If someone needs information on the latest mortgage deals, they’ll come to your site.

2. Do you have any success stories?

If the company has been in business for more than six months then they should have some success stories. Even if client confidentiality stops them revealing the actual client, they should still be able to provide analytical evidence of engaging content.

Check out their website, are they practising what they preach? Is their content share-worthy? Once you know their success stories, dig a bit deeper and ask, “Why was it successful?” This should get you thinking about how you can relate this success to your own business.

3. How much will it cost; how long will it take?

We hear these questions a lot, and they should really be asked after you’ve defined your content budget. A recent study into the cost of content marketing compared to pay-per-click marketing revealed that the true value of content exceeds that of paid search media after 20 months. This is, of course, much quicker in some instances.

4. How will I know if my content is successful?

Without any kind of measurement, there’s no way of knowing if your content is reaching the right people. With any new client, we always recommend you use Google Analytics on your site (we provide full support on implementation). There are a number of other packages out there that will also show you things like social mentions, unique visitors and time spent on page such as Piwik and Woopra.

There are a number of signals that indicate your content is working, and these often depend on your type of business. For instance, if your business is in the e-commerce space then well-written content should be nurturing existing clients and creating new ones – your indicator in this case would be an increase in online sales. If, however, you were a large brand that offered financial services, you may be looking at higher incoming search terms related to your brand.

But whether you’re selling products or services, the number one indicator is higher traffic and a steady stream of unique visitors.

There are other social media indicators to look out for, such as an in increase in likes on your Facebook posts and a rise in Twitter followers. Facebook provides insights that can help you measure this success, or you can opt for an all-in-one package such as HootSuite.

5. How much of my time will be taken up writing content?

Our job as a digital content creation agency is to take that task off your hands. By detailing your initial content strategy in the initial briefing period, we get an understanding of a client’s needs and requirements. Questions are asked to find out things like:

-Your tone of voice
-The level of detail or depth of knowledge your content should include
-What the purpose of the content is
-Who your target audience is and what sites they visit

As a seasoned SEO professional, I hope some of these questions can help when deciding on the right digital content creation agency for your business.

Aidan Sheerin, King Content Search Manager