Five examples of tourism marketing we love

October 18, 2015Content marketing, Uncategorized

With so many unique and amazing countries around the globe, choosing which one to visit next can be difficult. To make things even harder, here are five tourism marketing campaigns that entice us to discover the best of what their destination has to offer:

1. Tourism Australia – The Best Jobs in the World

After the success of Tourism Queensland’s 2009, Best Job In The World campaign, Tourism Australia launched the reinvented and expanded Six Best Jobs In The World. By offering six dream jobs in six incredible destinations all across the country, this campaign gave its audience a myriad of different reasons as to why Australia is the perfect working holiday destination for young internationals.

The campaign ultimately generated 330,000 expressions of interest and 45,000 video entries from almost 200 different countries.

This campaign’s strength was its incredible integration across multiple channels. On top of the social media competition promoted across Facebook and YouTube, Tourism Australia utilised everything from traditional PR tactics to partnerships with travel brands and job seeking sites, leading to one of the most memorable tourism campaigns to date.

2. Air New Zealand – The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Proving that the Southern Hemisphere is the best hemisphere, our next campaign comes from Air New Zealand with its Hobbit-inspired flight safety video.

Establishing itself as the Official Airline of Middle-earth, Air NZ continued its tradition of sensational flight safety videos and capitalised on the hype surrounding the release of the upcoming movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The four-minute video is packed with appearances from beloved characters in Tolkien’s universe and features cameos from Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson. It takes the audience around a breathtaking Middle-earth aka, New Zealand.

This video highlights advertising’s ability to inform, persuade and above all, entertain. With this video, Air New Zealand created something audiences around the world actively sought out to watch, while incorporating visually stunning views of NZ. With close to 12.7 million views on YouTube, the video proves it really is the most epic safety video ever made.

3. Tourism Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You

The next campaign is brought to us by Tourism Fiji, which found a creative way to show Melbourne commuters exactly what they were missing. Tourism Fiji completely transformed a Melbourne Metro train, decorating its roof, floors, doors, walls and ends with beautiful, high-impact Fijian scenery to allow commuters to immerse themselves in dreams about where they’d rather be – probably relaxing on a beach in Fiji.

Tourism Fiji demonstrated how powerful it can be when a brand understand and connects with consumers’ actions and behaviour. It noted that most people travelling into Melbourne CBD for work did so by train and used this to target them when they undoubtedly dreaming about how to escape the daily grind. With this campaign, Tourism Fiji encouraged commuters to find their happiness in Fiji, as Fiji is where happiness finds you.

4. New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation – Follow Your NOLA

This incredible, award-winning campaign from The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) was aimed at tourists who lived for new experiences and discoveries, and encouraged them to fulfill these desires in New Orleans. At the heart of the campaign was an ‘experiential website’ with an interactive map featuring places of interest that fit into seven different categories: rhythm, fun, curiosity, flavour, instincts, fire, and spirit.

This campaign was instrumental in rebranding New Orleans as a cultural wonderland filled with many diverse offerings, and having more to offer than just its famed French Quarter. Like the Tourism Australia campaign, NOTMC made the most of digital’s potential by encouraging users to share stories on social media, using digital PR and online media, and partnering with the content site BuzzFeed. The campaign was a resounding success, with 600 million online impressions leading to a 20 per cent increase in traffic to the city’s website, and New Orleans being touted as, ‘one of the top cities in the US’.

5. South African Tourism – #MeetSouthAfrica

The campaign with the best use of social media would have to be #MeetSouthAfrica. In the 2013 campaign South African Tourism collaborated with 14 international travel bloggers – a common PR tactic – inviting them to the country to embark on four different itineraries that covered all nine of South Africa’s provinces.

This campaign verified social media’s incredible ability to share stories and moments in real time. All tour vehicles were specifically equipped with Wi-Fi to ensure the bloggers were able to share their South African experiences as they happened under the #MeetSouthAfrica hashtag. This allowed South African Tourism to leverage the vast collective network of the invited bloggers. This resulted in more than 9000 tweets, 77.8 million Twitter impressions, and over 1000 photos shared on Instagram.

These posts on social media ensured the bloggers would never forget a single moment of their time in South Africa, and more importantly, neither would their followers.

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