Has Facebook Live found a new way to reinvigorate community groups?

September 15, 2016Social Media
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By Andie Tickner – Head of Content Planning at King Content 

Sure, Facebook Live isn’t new but unlike the short, snappy, gone-in-24-hour stories we’re seeing via Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook Live has opened up a fresh way for brands, influencers, celebrities and businesses to create a stronger, meaningful and honest relationship with their audience.

For some, the whole live experience is risky given we’re stepping into the unknown that the live environment provides, but for those willing to commit, the results and payback are very much worth it.

Importantly, this isn’t just for big brands or celebrities. I’m seeing a lot of community groups and small businesses adopt this as an integral tool to connect with their audience/customers. In fact, the community vibe that’s built as a result is powerful. Breaking through the fourth wall, we now find ourselves able to connect in real time and influence the conversation, as well as communicate to the wider group participating in the live stream.

Here are three examples I love:

Agent Republic: Who knew the real estate game could be so fun? Led by founders Susanne King and Claudio Encina, Agent Republic is on a mission to change the real estate game. What’s great about the duo’s offering is that they provide the best insights, education and tips to build peak performers and successful businesses – so it’s relevant for anyone who wants to succeed in business and life. They go live weekdays via their 5am club and evenings with Monday Mindset and Business Jam sessions, encouraging the audience to get involved, learn valuable tips and tricks, ask questions and have fun doing it!

Blake Worrall-Thompson: Founder of the incredibly successful 6w2s (6 Weeks To Sexy) brand, he offers clients the chance to become the best version of themselves through a results-based lifestyle program.Blake streams live at least a couple of times a week and always has a firm focus that’s usually based out of personal insights, whether that be his own experiences or those he’s uncovered from his members.

Jack Delosa, The Entourage: Delosa brings together an army of entrepreneurs, empowered and celebrated for living a life of passion and purpose by building their own dream business. Built entirely from people who have ‘been there, done that’, Delosa finds ways to make the everyday Aussie believe their dream life as an entrepreneur is possible. This approach is mirrored through his live streams. Posting almost daily, Jack offers real-time advice in a way that’s relatable and personable. He also has a secondary way in for his audience via #AskJackD, where he answers questions in real-time either alone or with a special guest. Always teased with a strong call to action and appointment to view, the audience is given plenty of notice to prepare and turn up.

  • Be you – be authentic.
  • Don’t be afraid to have fun.
  • Acknowledge the audience when they interact – show them you value them for turning up.
  • Pay attention to what your audience members are saying and asking for. They give you direct feedback which will help shape the topic matter that will most resonate with them.

Consistency leads to progress:

  • It’s okay if your stream isn’t perfect as long as the content is quality and of value.
  • Be consistent to build up your streaming techniques.
  • Stream regularly and make sure your audience knows about it. This will help build and grow your audience.
  • Ensure you have a key focus for the session. Think about the three key takeaways you want the audience to get out of it.
  • Keep it to one topic so the audience knows exactly what they’re going to get. This also helps to avoid going off on tangents.
  • Be flexible to integrate questions/feedback in real time.
  • Make sure you communicate with your audience in advance. Send out a teaser with a strong, relevant headline, and a clear call to action.

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