Executive marketer series with Tom Morgan

May 22, 2014Uncategorized

Executive Marketer Series


It’s that time of the week again where we bring you insights and advice from marketers around Australia.


This series – by marketers for marketers – brings together the brain power of some of the best in the business to share experiences and advice on common marketing pain points.

The week we spoke with Tom Morgan, digital and content manager at Australian Unity Investments, about marketing strategies, communication and building trust relationships with customers.


Tom Morgan

Australian Unity Investments, digital and content manager

Some background on Tom

Tom Morgan is the digital and content manager for Australian Unity Investments. In the past, he has worked for ASIC, ABN AMRO in Holland and as a solicitor for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK.

Tom has worked on the redevelopment of the desktop and mobile websites for AUI with a strong focus on content architecture including video, copywriting and social media. He has also played an active role in preparing marketing and communication strategies, as well as stakeholder management.

Highlights from the interview

Q. How important is aligning marketing strategies with sales objectives?

A. Not many people do it, or do it very well. When sales goes off in one direction and marketing goes off in another, it leads to confusion and conflict. Sometimes businesses focus on selling familiar products without taking into account what the customer really wants.

The first step in aligning strategies is communication. It’s a good idea for marketing teams to test to see which products will sell. Often the results will be different to the products the sales team suggest selling. It’s important to track what people are looking at on the website, and once you know what certain groups are looking at you can suggest sales to target this group. This means marketing is collating and sharing the data with sales to get them involved.

Q. How can businesses get buy-in from the C-suite?

A. Getting buy-in is hard work. Making people familiar with your ideas through constant exposure is one way to persuade them into your way of thinking. It’s about educating the executives to understand the importance of the marketing department and voicing your ideas for the brand during this educative process. Eventually, you want them to think it was their idea all along!

Tom MorganQ. How has the face of marketing changed in the digital world?

A. Marketing has shifted because of the variety of channels customers can be found in. We now have the tools to give them the information they need in smart and fast ways. Getting them the right information at the right time can really help nurture leads.

Q. How important is building trust and relationships with customers, and how does content marketing achieve that?

A. It’s very important to build relationships with your customers. Many people have already made up their mind about a product before they go online and start to research it. People will research you before they reach out to make a purchase, so you need to be trustworthy straight away.

Having information readily available and presented in a way that helps them make a quick decision with persona personalisation, if possible, will help to build trust. Customer reviews, endorsements and word of mouth via shared content are great ways to gain customer trust.

Q. Which digital channel is the most powerful?

A. This depends on the customer and who you’re trying to market to. Some people are information hungry – they love written content or videos. Some people are time poor, in which case infographics work really well. Tailoring your content to different audiences will give it the best reach.

Q. How can businesses stay consistent with content, and why is that so important?

A. The best way is to hold regular meetings of departments and review how closely the content is aligning to the marketing strategy, content strategy and business strategy. This is important so that customers (and investors) are receiving the same message about your product, especially with so many channels of delivery. Creating a cohesive brand story will help your content stay consistent.

Q. What is your top tip for being an effective marketer?

A. Be customer focused. Go where your customers are and don’t assume that you know more than your customer.


What are your tips for building trust with your customers and creating a consistent brand story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Cameron Upshall – Director