Three ways to create brand awareness

September 16, 2014Uncategorized

Content marketing has well and truly made its mark in the United Kingdom.

A report conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that over 88 per cent of local marketers have adopted content marketing in their businesses. Of this, 76 per cent are producing more content than ever, so much so that over half plan on increasing their budgets to produce even more.

But despite most taking to it like ducks on the Serpentine, there are some facets of content marketing that those new to the industry admit to struggling with, primarily brand awareness. So how can you get people talking about you, and, more importantly, get them engaging with your content?

Make your content shareable

There’s no point creating content if a) no one is going to see it, and b) they are not inspired to do something with it. Therefore it’s a necessity that no matter what type of content you’re creating – be it a blog, a video or an infographic – it must be shareable.

Always ask yourself “If I saw this would I be compelled to share it?” because chances are if you’re not, no one else will be either.

An easy way of doing this is to simply not make your content boring. Get creative – put on that green hat. Don’t just copy what your competitors are doing, as it’s the quickest way to have your content thrown aside or just scrolled over.

Visual content is primed for sharing. After all, how many YouTube clips have you heard of having gone viral? Just look at T-Mobile UK’s Life’s for Sharing campaign, who staged flash mobs at Heathrow and Liverpool Street, filmed them, and then sat back and watched as they got almost 40,000,000 views.


Seize any opportunity to put your name out there

We’ve seen “newsjacking” occur more and more lately and understandably so. It’s a clever (and relatively easy) way to draw attention to your own brand by associating it with a breaking new story.

Nissan UK were quick to inject their name into the announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second pregnancy last week. Within minutes of the news breaking they had tweeted out the following image:


The very shareable image quickly received hundreds of retweets, and was included by several national newspapers in their reporting of the news, thus becoming part of the conversation.

Make content about the customer, not about you

While it is important that every piece of content you create is on-brand, you cannot simply make it all about you – however tempting that may sound! Spam content, or content that simply serves to spruik your product, will fall flat and more than likely deter your customers from returning, especially if you are constantly pushing this type of content on them. In other words, check your narcissism at the door, and place the focus on your customer.


What are your tips for generating brand awareness? Comment below to have your say.