There is certainly much discussion around about all of the different content marketing options lately….how things have changed! When King Content launched in July 2010, it was more… “What is content marketing??” Its great to attend conferences now and see that the story we’ve told over the last couple of years locally is finally gaining traction and there is more and more conversations around the content marketing world. In fact, Joe Pulizzi wrote a great post on his CMI blog here that highlights the fact.

So fast forward to 2012 and the question being asked has now moved from, “What the hell is Content Marketing?”.. to “How do I keep up to speed on all things content marketing!?” So whilst content marketing isnt something that has materialised in the last two years— (check out this great post the history of content marketing), it certainly has gained some great momentum and most importantly there are many more components, products and tools to ensure that your content marketing strategy is a success.

In fact, we are starting to see something we predicted a while back— major brands employing chief content officers to assist in the development and execution of the content strategy and engaging a content marketing agency to assist in that creation but also the execution….and it is certainly exploding…..

We are getting asked questions about all things content marketing…. Is Pinterest for me? Do I need Google+ and facebook? Who is going to win the battle social or search? Can a Linkedin group drive sales? What is the role of SEO in a content strategy? How important is my blog post each week? Do I need an infographic?

Funnily enough, we’ve answered these questions in one or more of the King Content blog posts over the years and fortunately there are plenty of great resources you can go to to have your questions answered.

Generally the answer to the mounting number of questions we are asked around content strategy and planning is quite simple…. lets sit down and work out what story you want to tell….the story that will enable your customers to get a really good feel for the product and the company and the people behind it. Then lets develop a number of great stories that will be delivered on the most relevant platforms that are home to the target audience our client wants to hit. Then we will make sure that those conversations are shared with as many of those people that have the potential to love our clients products. Once thats done, we’ll work out through analysis what has worked and what hasn’t…apply that to the strategy and start again.

You see because the content marketing agency has also evolved…it used to be all about the words, but that is only one pillar in the new agency as you need content, social, search and measurement….the four pillars of the new content marketing agency.

The thing is that’s where we are today but I can guarantee you that there will be a whole bunch of new challenges and questions for us in the next 18 months…thats why we’re here and that’s why its such a great industry to be in.

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