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This week there is one word on the end of everyone’s tongue, and it just happens to be a #hastag – #Oscars2014.

We can’t avoid talking about it either, but we also have the most up-to-date digital trends and content marketing news from the week in content marketing.


theoscarsThe red carpet of brands at the Oscars

As we learned from the Super Bowl, it’s not just the stars on the pitch that get their 15 minutes of fame during such high-profile events – and the Oscars was no different. Live in over 200 countries, the event generated social media hype that was palpable. Here’s an overview of the brands who were gagging for an Oscar themselves and those who failed to show up.



Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars MemeWolf of Wall Street wins the social oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio was deprived of an Oscar once again, but he and the rest of the Wolf of Wall Street team had the support and approval of the social media users worldwide. With so much influence and conversation deriving from social media, we do wonder if soon there will be awards assigned through social media listening channels.








anz-bank-branch1ANZ hires ex-Fairfax publisher to head digital content

Is this a sign of things to come? From media agency to financial institution, publisher Amanda Gome has been appointed to use her content marketing and digital background expertise to head up the content division of ANZ.



Snapchat for brandsOndAzul turns to Snapchat to educate the young

The environmental NGO has cleverly collaborated with Brazilian agency NBS on a Snapchat campaign. They have homed in on the most recent social media phenomenon to reach out to the younger audience.






downloadMarketers, you have no idea what you’re doing but that’s okay

Three reasons why marketers should throw caution to the wind and get risky with marketing strategies.



download (1)UK supermarket turns blogger recipes into grocery lists

Tesco’s Parsly is a digital program that automatically figures out what’s needed in a recipe, whether or not the items are available at the grocery store, as well as how much the whole meal will cost to make. An interesting application of Youtility, but will it actually make us cook more?







Blogging food groupsA well balanced diet of content

The infographic that may just inspire you to rethink your content recipe and fuse a little more flavour into your strategy. Just like your body, you can’t live off the same source of content nutrition – you need a variety or you’ll starve the brain!



bomb-proof-bin-590The internet of trashcans is here and it’s more awesome than it sounds

A rubbish bin that can tell the internet when it’s full has cost-saving implications for a city. A great article on how cities can benefit from the ‘internet of things’.





urliterature-booksAnti-URL shortener promotes books through web links

A youth-focused strategy: A Russian bookstore geared towards a younger audience has created a URL lengthener that offers a sneak peek at a selection of novels on sale. A clever way of connecting with the younger generation brought up on digital content.



Facebook-1Facebook’s news feed update gives brands more reach

Good news for marketers who have little money to spend on Facebook advertising. Last month we saw organic reach decrease by nearly 50 per cent due to Facebook’s changes, but now it seems they’ve thought of a win–win situation for everyone. Just tag another brand in your post and your brand’s news feed reach will double.


redukkt-websiteA mobile-led approach is not good enough, says Google executive 

Google Display Ad Chief Neal Mohan says the era of ‘mobile first’ is ‘dead’. He says app developers, publishers and advertisers need to create content for multiple screens.



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