Content Marketing World: Top Insights Day Two

September 15, 2014Uncategorized

Content Marketing World – Exclusive insights from day two

Senior content marketing strategist, Kasey Clark has put together a recap of key sessions from the second day of Content Marketing World in Cleveland.


Content marketing world

Content marketing world

Included in this mini eBook:

  • The future of content marketing – predictions uncovered.
  • How to create a dominant media brand.
  • Creating content that provides mobile ‘Youtility’.
  • Moving from content to conversations.
  • Data, digits and dummies: What you know about content marketing may be wrong.
  • Ann Handley: From journalist to content marketer.
  • Kevin Spacey: Audiences care about the content, not the platform.


Download “Top Insights from Content Marketing World – Day Two” here:


  • Harry says:

    New to King Content looks intetesting i hope to be surprised…so lets see whats on offer shall we…

  • Harry says:

    Great read for those looking at what is driving their brands through clever content marketing strategies. Why businesses plan to increase their budgets for new marketing content to deliver visibility, value and versatility to engage the viewers market.

    A good result from our standpoint as I am able to focus on where our digital service next target audience.

    Customising a user pay system to benefit a wide range of brands to become the focal and

  • Harry says:

    Downloaded Content Marketing 2014 pdf. Good Read.