Right now in content marketing

September 25, 2014Uncategorized

In 2010, 600 marketers made their way to Cleveland, Ohio. Four years on, the (now annual) pilgrimage to Content Marketing World this month saw that number swell to 2600 people from across the globe.

In 2013, I led the B2B marketing track, and I’m proud to be the only non-CMI employee to have spoken at all of the Content Marketing World events globally since.

The exponential growth of attendees at the event is in line with the buzz around content marketing globally. This year, people came from countries far and away, from Sweden to Uganda.

Four years ago, the talk was all around getting started, and we openly discussed whether this was all just a fad that would quickly burn out. For those who may still hold that perspective, I hate to break it to you: if anything, the relevance of content  marketing is becoming even more paramount. Marketing organisations in companies large and small are totally  restructuring to adopt a content-at-the-core approach to marketing. Traditional media budgets are being repurposed heavily into online content programs. Content has moved beyond blogs and into the centre of marketing strategy.

Joe Pulizzi, the event’s founder and champion, kicked off 2014 by previewing the latest global research into content  marketing, with the collected views of over 5000 marketers from 105 countries. The ongoing finding year on year is the striking gap between performances of companies that have – and stick to – a content  strategy versus those that do not. As someone who meets with CMOs from a wide range of organisations, I can more than confirm this as the case.

Understanding objectives, setting a plan and sticking to it. It turns out that content marketing has a lot in common with the way business has always achieved success.

As a speaker at Content Marketing World this year, I was asked what I believe is the hottest thing in content marketing right now: