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Welcome to the week in content marketing, where you receive all of the latest content marketing news, articles and advice in one super convenient post.

So what’s trending in the world of content marketing this week? Hipsters, content marketing buzzwords and the Silicon Valley of course!

Check out these articles and more in our weekly wrap-up.

Best of branded content: The hipster tax crises

As it turns out, creating a content strategy to reach Millennials might be ridiculously easy. Just make fun of hipsters.



facebook-droneWhy does Facebook want to buy drones? 

Facebook wants to bring the internet to the remaining two-thirds of humankind who are not yet online. Purchasing a drone fleet could help give Facebook more leverage with mobile carriers.



EchoboxNew analytics platform boosts traffic

Want an analytics tool that tells you how to optimise your site in plain English? Well dreamers, it’s here.




3027056-inline-i-2-california-tourism-dreams-big-with-google-to-release-24-videos-in-24-hoursCalifornia tourism dreams big with Google

California, the third biggest state in the U.S., has so much geographic and cultural diversity that to pitch tourism under a single brand name is a tough proposition. So the tourism board took to filmmakers and YouTube in a content-led global marketing campaign.




img_20140228_142333_393Why blogging still matters

Blogs are still a vital part of a strong digital media strategy — they’re also inexpensive and a great way to communicate with a wider audience.




Google_TrollGoogle trolls itself 

Google’s efforts to thwart scraping (internet copying) while engaging in its own form of content farming highlights the tension between the company’s goal of providing quick answers and its role as a portal to the rest of the internet.





voicesearch-multideviceBrowser, there’s something we need to talk about

The Silicon Valley giant has announced that its latest Chrome Beta will support hands-free search using just your voice.




fujitsu-haptic-touchscreen-ultrasonic-wavesA tablet that lets people feel textures on the screen

Fujitsu has a new type of tablet that could completely change the landscape for touchscreen devices. Using ultrasonic waves that vibrate the air just above the screen, it’s possible to change the texture of different objects currently on display, such as feeling the sand at the beach, or the leathery hide of a snake.


Vine on PinterestPin a Vine

Pinterest have delved into the world of video and you can now pin a Vine. Lowe’s is a great example of how a business can make what might be otherwise boring content into something pretty great! Check out their board ‘Fix in six’.






Getty images embedGetty moves towards (some) free content

Getty is releasing a free embed tool for the public to use, allowing them to share select photos from the Getty Images library, which Getty will continue to host and track.




mobile-marketing-4-1Is 2014 really the ‘year of mobile marketing’? 

The best and worst of times — a Dickensian take of mobile marketing.





BuzzwordSXSW content marketing buzzword guide

What do content marketers do? Conjecture versus reality.





Facebook-1Facebook continues redesign rollout with new look for pages

Facebook redesigned its news feed last week, but the company isn’t stopping there. Next up for a makeover is Facebook Pages. 



The news by youWhat 13 newspapers would look like if you, not editors, choose the front pages

Crowd-sourced news site NewsWhip launched an experiment comparing the front pages of 13 newspapers as they ran to print, with how the same stories fared on social media. The results are pretty neat, and speak to the importance of knowing your readership.





Vintage social networking

We’re loving this cartoon of a simpler time!

Vintage SM