The one thing i’m really loving at the moment is the truly major brands not only using content marketing but having it front and centre in their campaigns. We recently commented on a great article that was posted on ClickZ that listed the top 50 brands in Content Marketing in the US . It was very nice to see a host of King Content clients peppered across the list…. We also know that some of the larger brands we work with in Australia would be on a local list….but that’s for another time!

Ive noticed a couple of really nice local campaigns lately that are worth mentioning and are pretty interesting in their own right who are using local content and ideas to drive local sales, conversions and conversations:

It goes without saying that Coke generally get things right and the “Coke Zero Challenge” using some of the local cricket and football teams certainly hooks you and is a great use of video although Im waiting for my beloved Roosters to have a crack!

GE have come out with a great “Two Words For Tomorrow” campaign that asks Australians for two words that they believe are personally important for tomorrow’s future. Needless to say that this campaign has also highlighted the lack of current leadership of the Gillard government getting stung by 22% of pollings citing “Government Leadership”…ouch!

And finally, Red Bull as usual are a great example of brands being publishers… Their website is a news portal of all things Red Bull but more importantly all things of interest to their audience of followers, customers and fans. They have taken this view a long time ago and not seemed to waver from the fact that they will position themselves as the leading voice of the segment.

These examples show that whilst the content marketing world is booming in the US and Europe is also humming along quite nicely in Australia.

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