2012 – the Year of the Mobile! Well we’re almost a quarter of the way in now so how is it going for you?!

There’s no doubt about it that the web-to-mobile industry is exploding. People use it on the bus, on their lunch, watching TV, on the loo… okay you get the message. So businesses need to cater for people on the go, which means a mobile content strategy needs to be put into effect.


Mobile content can be anything that someone reads, views or listens to on their mobile phone and is something that you should be considering in your marketing strategy. Why? Because you can:

• Promote your brand to millions of mobile users
• Connect with people 24/7
• Increase traffic to your website
• Build customer loyalty

Google’s ‘GoMo’ site shows exactly how your website looks on a mobile device. It also will provide you with personalised info on how your business can be more mobile friendly. Check it out here

There has been a steady increase in the growth of mobile web usage. Each day over half the number of smartphone owners jump online at least once. Smartphones are fast becoming the primary way people get online. From SMS marketing to mobile websites, there’s a bit of work to be done to make sure your business is ready to be mobile friendly.
Your mobile site deserves the same attention in terms of strategy and development, as it will soon be an essential part of your business.

So what steps have you taken so far in optimising your content for mobile? Do you believe that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device?

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