The client

Universum is a Stockholm-based company with regional head offices in New York and Singapore, and more than 40 country offices. It works with very large organisations to help them understand how to communicate with desirable future employees. Its primary products and services are research-based, and include research programs with more than 1 million people globally each year.


The brief

Universum had a wealth of internal expertise in research and publishing, however, it has struggled to create content that’s accessible and engaging to a non-academic audience. Our task was to turn content that was historically very dry and numbers focused into something with genuine actionable insights for the audience. The project had significant ambitions, but was limited to a budget of US$35,000.

King Content was tasked with developing a content strategy and execution model using research into the millennial generation. The primary objectives were:

  • Generating leads for its traditional sales teams to follow up (leads being C-suite and senior execs in Fortune 5000 companies globally).
  • Creating a subscriber audience for future marketing communications.
  • Establishing credibility as ‘millennials’ experts.
  • Achieving organic media coverage through written story placement with major business publications.


The strategy and content

Working with local teams in Stockholm and New York, our strategy centred on the creation of a six-part ebook series, each covering a different aspect of Universum’s research, targeted at a global executive audience. Each ebook was supported by a ‘content pack’ including blogs, articles, infographics and social media content.

We also developed a stand-alone, search engine optimised content hub for the millennial research, designed to generate search traffic and form capture, using the ebooks as gated assets. In the absence of paid media, we partnered with INSEAD Business School and the Head Foundation to lend credibility to the research and distribution in Universum’s key target audience segments. We also approached WSJ and HBR with high-end editorial content, with a view to being published organically in their websites.


The results

Relying exclusively on organic reach, King Content was able to deliver the following results.

Web traffic:

  • 1,003,771 organic reach across all social channels.
  • 7172 tracked clicks to the website.

Social amplification:

  • LinkedIn reach: 183k.
  • Average LinkedIn engagement: 1%.
  • Twitter daily impressions: 912.
  • Twitter peak engagement: 2.7%.
  • Facebook reach: 21,027.


  • Total investment: US$35,000.
  • Leads generated: 13,200+.
  • YOY change in lead volume: +360%.
  • Direct ROI: US$1m.
  • Assisted ROI: US$8m.
  • Total ROI to date: 257x investment.

Universum awards

  • Content Marketing Awards 2015 – Winner: Best Agency/Client Partnership
  • Content Marketing Awards 2015 – Winner: Highest ROI from a Content Program


“These awards recognize the fantastic journey we have taken together with King Content over the last 12 months. The effort has been on a global level where our divisions in all regions have implemented and executed the strategy flawlessly. As a credible advisor to the world’s leading organizations, it is important we continue to progress and innovate and are recognized as one of the best global marketers.”

                  – Lars Rydtzander, Global CMO, Universum