Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian community service organisation that has been helping people to regain their independence for more than 155 years. The organisation sought to challenge the perception of what an ‘average homeless person’ is and to bring more attention to the overwhelming number of Australians who are forced to sleep in cars, shelters, boarding houses and other temporary solutions.



To help Mission Australia’s cause, Two Social filmed a social experiment where a homeless ‘couch surfer’ attempted to sleep in the middle of a busy Sydney shopping centre. Over the course of seven hours, Two Social captured the public’s reaction to the young homeless teen and asked passers-by how they would describe the average homeless person.

The overwhelming response from the interviews was that the average homeless person was one who was older, dirtier, who lived on the streets and often struggled with addiction. The interviewees’ perception of what a homeless person is only accounts for 6 per cent of the homeless population in Australia. Two Social explained this to the interviewees and revealed that 94 per cent of Australia’s homeless are in fact the ‘hidden homeless’ and can often be forced into situations similar to the couch surfer’s. Captured on film, many of the public were shocked at just how unseen the homeless could be.

Posted across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, the videos are poignant yet beautifully emotive, encouraging viewers to watch, share, donate and partake in the #NoticeUs movement to assist Mission Australia in continuing to help more Australians take back their independence.



  • NoticeUS videos had more than 3,216,785 views, and were shared 13,945 times across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Reached more than 7,678,256 people on Facebook, more than one-third of the Australian population.
  • 3.2 million views over 6 weeks.
  • Average viewing time of more than 15 seconds.
  • Time with brand was 12,500 hours (views x average view time).


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  • 2015 – Summit International Emerging Media Awards for Public Service/Non Profit Video
  • 2015 – Summit International Emerging Media Awards for Social Media Campaign
  • 2015 – W3 Awards: SILVER Award for NFP Branded Content
  • 2015 – W3 Awards: SILVER Award for NFP Online Video
  • 2015 – Davey Awards: GOLD Branded Social Campaign
  • 2015 – Davey Awards: SILVER Use of Video
  • 2015 – Davey Awards: SILVER Video Content
  • 2015 – WOMMY Awards: Cause Award
  • 2015 – BEfest Awards: Best Content Strategy
  • 2015 – AC&E (ADMA) Awards: FINALIST Pinnacle Innovation Award