Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian community service organisation that has been helping people to regain their independence for more than 155 years. The challenge was to raise awareness regarding the 62,000 families with children under 12 who are currently experiencing homelessness on any given night.


In order to raise awareness to hidden family homelessness, we created a social experience working with a volunteer family with two small children. They were asked to live out of their car for a week with limited funds. Crucial to the experience was continuing with their daily routines of going to work and taking the children to school.

The family members were filmed on a daily basis and key interviews were held with them throughout the social experience. We also provided them with their own video camera so they could capture thoughts and key events triggered by having to live out of their car.

A series of videos was created highlighting the experiences of each family member and the impact it had on them personally and as a family. The videos were launched across Facebook and shared across Mission Australia’s #Notice Us landing page.


  • NoticeUS videos had more than 4,375,830 views over 6 weeks.
  • Shared 10,535 times across Facebook.
  • Reached more than 4,207,400 people on Facebook.
  • 65,000 clickthroughs to Mission Australia’s #Notice Us landing page.
  • Average viewing time of approx. 15 seconds.
  • Time with brand was 13,836 hours (views x average view time).

Check out the creative produced on our Portfolio page