With Spring approaching, the team at MyHayfever wanted to launch a social campaign that would not only build brand awareness and drive traffic to its website, but would also generate engagement with its new tool, ‘PollenPulse’.

PollenPulse is a world-first tool that warns nearby sufferers of potential pollen attacks. Every time a hay fever sufferer logs their symptoms, it’s uploaded onto PollenPulse, which analyses the information like frequency, volume, time and location of each attack, and provides a real-time picture of high-risk areas.

The more users, the better the data, so we needed to not only explain the tool, but to get people to use it. Enter: our classic Australian competitive nature.


Dividing the campaign in two effectively allowed us to first, build traffic and awareness about MyHayfever.com, a website with helpful information for Hayfever sufferers. Using a playful mixture of photography and animation, two 30-minute videos were created and targeted mums as well as working professionals – audiences that don’t have time for hay fever attacks, and women often seek medical advice more readily than their male counterparts.

The videos were released across a two-week period, coordinated with forecasts and peaks in Google search results for key ‘hay fever’ terms.

Off the back of these videos, retargeted audiences were created and served two geographically relevant flat image ads. A total of 12 ads were created, with two variations for each state based on a drive for PollenPulse and MyHayfever.com.

The playful creative was replicated, however this time they were cheering on the state to lead their participation with PollenPulse. This was to encourage a broader data set for PollenPulse, upweighted in states that experience more issues due to their natural environment.

Supporting creative was also provided, including Facebook and Twitter banner images, to ensure the customer journey remained consistently branded and didn’t ‘jar’ the experience.

A longer video explained PollenPulse in more detail for its PR team to use and was uploaded to the MyHayfever site for all visitors.


  • A total of 146,740 Australians were reached, with 48,491 video views and 2036 website clicks.
  • Audiences in Canberra and Melbourne generated the highest click-through-rates with 0.89% and 0.82% respectively.
  • Sydneysiders were the most communicative on social, with the highest shares, likes and comments from all flat advertising.

Check out the creative produced on our Portfolio