The client

Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC vendor. With more than 50,000 employees and more than US$46 billion in sales, Lenovo is a global leader in innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies. Lenovo’s product portfolio extends from PCs and mobiles to data centre solutions, servers and storage.


The content marketing brief

To develop and execute an ‘always-on’ content marketing strategy which incorporated big picture campaign management to:

  • Increase the quality of the lead pipeline and the value of sales.
  • Generate a pipeline of qualified, warm leads for sales to follow up.
  • Strengthen brand awareness and increase predisposition to Lenovo and demand for Lenovo products.
  • Position Lenovo as thought leaders in the technology industry.


The strategy and content

Our integrated strategy combined content marketing, native advertising, social media, email marketing and marketing automation to target technology decision-makers (TDMs) across 13 major markets. We also decided to create original branded content published in seven languages.

This was designed to engage the audience on an emotional level through content that both entertains and demonstrates Lenovo’s understanding of the audience’s pain points. Ultimately the strategic goal was to drive the target audience through the various stages of the buyer journey – from awareness to consideration and conversion.

Over six months, from July 2014, a series of eight websites publishing in seven major languages (English, French, Danish, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish) were launched to act as a hub for content marketing activity.

These editorially driven sites publish stories, articles, case studies, videos and gated assets such as ebooks, white papers and guides relevant to IT decision-makers in SMB and mid-market companies.

LinkedIn was identified as the predominant social network for business and IT professionals. Content was amplified across 13 markets using organic and paid tactics, as well as email distribution services to a database of more than 80,000 IT decision-makers across Europe, along with other native placements in relevant IT industry publications.


The results


  • 300K+ users since launch (across 8 sites).
  • 450K+ page views since launch (across 8 sites).
  • We generated a quarter-on-quarter increase in the amount of users, sessions and page views on Think Progress between FY15 and FY16. This resulted in a 116% increase in users, a 105% increase in sessions and an 89.16% increase in page views.



  • 70% of Sponsored Updates exceeded industry benchmarks in terms of click-through and engagement rates.
  • Average click-through rates of 1.13% were more than treble industry benchmarks (CTR reached 2.7% in some markets).
  • Average engagement rates of 1.29% almost trebled industry benchmarks.
  • King Content has succeeded in securing an extremely low cost per click (CPC) with an average of $2.93. We achieved this by promoting strong content which we know resonates with our target audience, and thus increases Lenovo’s relevancy score. The industry average CPC on LinkedIn is approx. $4–$6.
  • Organic sharing of Lenovo content on LinkedIn generated earned media value of 24%.


Lead generation:

  • As a result of the program, Lenovo’s average B2B lead value increased by 63%.
  • The lead conversion rate from its outbound calling program increased by more than 20%.
  • All of the above has enabled Lenovo to exceed its target, with half the outbound telemarketing hours previously required.


Lenovo Think Progress awards

  • Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Winner: Content Marketing ROI/Measurement Program
  • Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Finalist: Project of the Year
  • International Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Nominated: Best Annual Content Strategy
  • International Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Nominated: Best Distribution Strategy


“Through our Think Progress platform we have generated more leads than our previous price-led approach and, just as importantly, we’ve generated higher value and better quality leads. Collaborating with King Content has proved that persuading people to value your content is one of the most powerful routes to increasing their value to your business.”

        – Alexandre Blumenthal, Commercial Marketing Director, Lenovo EMEA

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