The client

Lenovo is a US$34 billion personal technology company and the world’s largest PC vendor. The company has more than 300,000 employees, serving customers in more than 160 countries. As a global Fortune 500 company with headquarters in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, it is seen as a leader in all areas of technology and hardware service delivery.

Lenovo has a heavy focus on the Asia-Pacific marketplace and has been the fastest-growing major PC company for more than four years. It’s much more than a PC and technology company – it has created a full range of personal technologies. As the fourth-largest smartphone company in the world, Lenovo is expanding rapidly into new markets and manufacturing opportunities around the world.

The brief

Lenovo was looking for an online marketing and social media communications strategy that would reach out to the company’s target consumer, professional and SMB audiences within existing digital platforms and social media channels being used on a daily basis.

The challenge was how to be heard in an already crowded marketplace – a place where educational and marketing content relating to technology and hardware was already prolific, and where product messaging was easily lost in the noise.

Working with the King Content strategy team, Lenovo looked to develop an approach that allowed them to speak directly to key individuals online and in social media on a regular basis. At the same time, they wanted to enhance the Lenovo brand through engaging, current and relevant content that spoke to the Lenovo culture and its products and services.

King Content was tasked with devising a way to do this effectively and on a continuous basis that was measurable and led to a direct return on Lenovo’s investment in content on the Think Conversations website.

The strategy

After defining the audience’s needs and having a deep understanding of the market sector Lenovo was looking to attract, King Content created an online content, social media and marketing strategy that leveraged existing Lenovo channels and content to create a new amplification hub within LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn’s new Showcase Page functionality, the strategy revolved around serving followers and the existing public newsfeeds with highly relevant and shareable content that was custom-created for both niche and broad topic areas relating to technology, Lenovo’s brand offerings, self-image and business.

King Content’s objectives were:

  • To build an engaged community within owned media and across the wider social media space.
  • To acknowledge those who were already Lenovo and/or ThinkPad loyalists and provide them with the information and news they craved.
  • To celebrate the ThinkPad experience and its history, focusing on the passion and beliefs of the Lenovo brand.
  • Ultimately, to increase Lenovo product sales, brand awareness and product education online.

The content

We used a variety of content formats and re-purposed content from the Think Conversations site and the web which facilitated continuous engagement with the audience.

Content from Think Conversations was posted to the Think Hub Showcase Page five times a week. We framed these links in social media status updates that encouraged interaction and relied on the shared values of LinkedIn users (career progression, business growth, leadership, skill and personal branding).

Our social media team closely monitored the organic success of these posts and would then select the highest-performing posts to be used in a Sponsored Update to grow the page.

Alongside content from the Think Conversations website, we also created and curated a number of made-for-social posts that were predominantly image led or in quiz format. These encouraged comments and shares by similarly playing on the values of our followers.

To provide added value to the Showcase Page followers and to avoid flooding the feed with purely promotional or brand-related content, we also curated posts from LinkedIn influencers and online publishers. These curated posts extended the relevance of the Showcase Page and, by association, the Lenovo brand, which was shown as being intimately connected with people in the professional world.

The results

Using established media channels and engaging the target audience with non-product-related content, the Think marketing mantle allowed Lenovo to build trust and re-engagement with the right individuals at the right time on the social media channel that worked for them.

The Think Hub page reached an organic following of more than 6000 professionals in the first three months. This growth was based solely on content relevance and organic share of made-for-social content in the LinkedIn Pulse newsfeed.

The result was an increased level of traffic to the PRO redefined influencer content in the Think Conversations website as well as additional on-feed comments within both platforms, where consumers could discuss opinions about Lenovo products and services.

Through a series of organic tactics and an always-on content calendar, the Think Hub page has received a consistent organic growth level of more than 200 targeted users a day and continues on an upward trend in interactions since paid social media started. Followers now stand at almost 7000.

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