Creating Hans Smallgoods first end-to-end digital content marketing campaign to increase brand awareness for its Oliving range. Increase brand awareness about this healthier meat product among grocery buyers in Australia and to increase sales.



  • A multifaceted digital and content marketing strategy, involving Bec and Lleyton Hewitt as ambassadors.
  • Established a Mediterranean-themed campaign that showcased the benefits of olive oil and a Mediterranean lifestyle.
  • Created a content hub ’Oliving the life’ to host recipes, videos, blogs and tips and tricks.
  • Established a social media strategy with social video at the forefront.
  • Established a native advertising strategy to seed content to relevant audiences and nurture through retargeting; employed Plista, Unruly, influencers, publisher networks and social channels, Facebook and Instagram.



Between 20 January and 30 June the following results were achieved:

  • Reached more than 6 million Australians and was engaged by 2.6 million targeted users.
  • Generated 1.78 million Facebook video views – 198% more than the projected figure.
  • Produced more than 93K engagements (likes, comments shares).
  • Average time on site was 1min 21sec, with a bounce rate of 34%.
  • Created a retargeting pool of 924,000 of engaged users who can be retargeted in the near future.