Creating a fun and innovative online experience for prospective students who weren’t able to attend the university’s Open Day on 24 July 2016.



King Content developed an idea that was not only a first for the university, but for the entire Australian education sector: Open Day via Facebook Live and Snapchat.  It was:

  • A real-time experience for prospective students that was raw, authentic and showcased the best of Griffith.
  • A pre-event social strategy to promote the event and ensure an engaged audience on the day.
  • Worked with talent and directors to stream seven live videos on the day with students and lecturers.
  • Separate Snapchat strategy and competition to capture the Snapchat audience and grow the audience on that new platform for Griffith.
  • Targeted promotion of video content.



Between 19 and 28 July, the following results were achieved:

  • 1.85 million impressions (from both images and Live video, pre-event and during the event).
  • 57,000 Facebook Live video views on the day.
  • 21,114 total minutes watched on Facebook Live.
  • Organically increased GU’s Facebook community by 1000+ in a week.
  • CPV of Live videos as low as $0.02 to relevant targeted audiences.
  • 9000 engagements on images and videos.
  • 4 competitions run on Snapchat across the day with more than 400+ views each.