Careering at King Content: Julia, Content Strategist

March 7, 2016Uncategorized

Recently King Content has had immense growth and with that has come the opportunity for some of our staff to transfer to one of our global offices in their existing role or to a new one to service clients in the region. We think it’s a pretty cool feat, so we asked them to put it into their own words.

Julia Fernandez, Content Strategist

Julia Fernandez, Content Strategist

This week we talk to Julia Fernandez, a Content Strategist who recently left King Content Melbourne for her native London and joined the UK King Content team.

Tell us when you first started at KC and describe your first role:

I started at King Content in September 2014 as a social media community manager in the Melbourne office.

Where did you see yourself heading when you first started and compare that to where you are now?

To be honest, I only had six months left on my working holiday visa so I didn’t imagine I would be working at King Content for as long as I have. I’ve now been with the company for 18 months and since joining have worked in three roles, across two offices / countries. It’s been fast-paced and challenging, but it’s allowed me to forge a new career in content strategy.

How did the opportunity to go to London with KC come up?

As much as I’d fallen in love with Melbourne, I missed home. I’d eaten enough ethically sourced eggs on free-range sourdough to last a lifetime, and it was time to return to the UK. Fortunately, when I told my boss I was leaving, our global HR Manager Sarah asked me about joining the London team, who were in need of an extra pair of hands.

What does your role entail in London?

Day-to-day I’m developing and overseeing content strategy for clients, but I also get involved in hiring team members and new business.

What are you most excited about?

How quickly the London office is growing. We’ve got a great team in place who are all really passionate about making the UK a success. We work really closely with the New York office too, so there are lots of opportunities to work with different clients and learn new things.

Tell us a little about your plans for London (outside of work):

My main plan for London is to get out of London as much as possible. I met so many Aussies in Melbourne who’ve managed to see way more of Europe than I had ever done in my 30 years. They made me feel bad about my lazy Londoner attitude. Thanks to last-minute Ryanair jaunts, I’m now making my way around the Continent one dodgy AirBnB at a time.


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