Careering at King Content: Germaine, Content Editor

April 1, 2016Uncategorized
Germaine Hendrik, Content Editor

Germaine Hendrik, Content Editor

Recently King Content has had immense growth and with that has come the opportunity for some of our staff to transfer to one of our global offices in their existing role or to a new one to service clients in the region. We think it’s a pretty cool feat, so we asked them to put it into their own words.

Tell us when you first started at KC and describe your first role:

I started working at King Content’s Singapore office in November 2014 as a part-time Content Editor. The Singapore office was experiencing a growth spurt right about the time I joined, so within three months I was converted to a full-time staff member.

My role was to manage clients and help create content to complement their strategies and brand objectives, but because of the pace at which the branch office was growing, I got to wear many hats and do many things beyond my everyday responsibilities. It was heaps of hard work, but satisfying when you can actually see that the effort you put in helped make something good happen.

Where did you see yourself heading when you first started and compare that to where you are now:

I was tired of traditional marketing, so I jumped at the chance to be a part of the content marketing movement with King Content, a big part of which uses the written word (something I really respect) to solve the problems that customers face.

At the time I knew that going down the editorial route – but not within the confines of a publishing house, magazine or newspaper – made total sense to me. I wanted to recommend and throw ideas out and work with some of the best minds in digital marketing from whom I was geared to glean a ton of knowledge from.

Now, almost a year and a half later – having moved to our head office in Sydney as well – I have done all that and then some. But there is of course, much more to come and much more to learn.

How did the opportunity to go to Sydney with KC come up?

It’s always been on my bucket list to live and work overseas, and the timing was just about right for me personally as well. I discussed the move over a couple of months with our lovely HR Manager, Sarah Lilley, and she made all the magic happen.

What does your role entail in Sydney?

I’m still a Content Editor, so my role hasn’t changed much. In a nutshell, I sit within the Editorial team and work with the other departments (Strategy, Audience, Content Planning and Video) to manage a range of B2B and B2C clients, and create amazing content that meets their business objectives and needs.

What are you most excited about?

Right now, I’m looking forward to working on a project involving video, which I know will come at some point. For me, video is the new black still, and the Sydney office has an amazing Video team who have done some really fabulous, noteworthy work. I’d really like to learn how it all comes together.

Besides that, I can’t wait to travel around Australia. All. Of. It. The top two on my list are Byron Bay and Hobart, but the list is never-ending at this point.

What do you find most inspiring?

In my time at King Content so far, I’ve never had a question I couldn’t find an answer to, and I’ve never felt that whatever I had to say wasn’t important. There’s always the pursuit of perfection in the work we do, but people here often take the time to teach, to empathise and to empower. It inspires me to do the same.

That, and occasionally being pleasantly surprised by an awesome piece of content on the web that just makes me think, ‘Wow, I wish I could write an article like that.’

Tell us a little about your plans for Sydney (outside of work)

Visiting as many weekend markets as I can, going to the Sydney Biennale, catching Vivid Sydney and watching Turandot at the Sydney Opera House.

Cooking is also one of my great passions, so I’m looking forward to putting some prawns on the barbie at some point this year (after I’ve purchased a good one from Bunnings, that is).


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