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Australia’s best online marketing blogsAustralia. We are the country girt by sea, the land of opportunity and the makers of that taste-bud-tingling, love-it-or-hate-it spread of all spreads, Vegemite. But besides all of this, we are also the country actively leading the online marketing charge, with 93 per cent of Australian marketers using content marketing.

In honour of Australia Day and in celebration of all things Down Under, we’ve put together a list of some of Australia’s best online marketing blogs (you’re actually on one now, did you know?). So sit back, relax and enjoy the breadth of talent, knowledge and thought leadership that we as a nation are contributing to the content marketing industry.

 Digital Buzz Blog

A fantastic blog that is really good at doing what its name suggests – creating buzz. Once named the best marketing blog in Australia, the Digital Buzz team, led by founder and editor Aden Hepburn, expertly draw their readers in with unique concepts and snappy intros.

Blogging on everything from the latest digital campaigns to industry trends and news, the Digital Buzz content is exciting but also has a real sense of authority, making you trust and invest in what they’re saying.

 Jonathan Crossfield

“Build your audience by having fun with them. Be interesting, entertaining and relevant.” That’s the philosophy behind self-proclaimed storyteller Jonathan Crossfield, who populates his blog with interesting, relevant and often ingenious articles that explore the fundamentals of content marketing while also explaining the psychology behind it.

Each post is thoroughly thought out and critically developed, unlike a lot of other marketing blogs, but this shouldn’t come as a shock considering Crossfield is an award-winning writer.

Global Copywriting

Content marketing consultant Sarah Mitchell’s blog provides fantastic tips, advice and thoughts on everything from copywriting to new ways to market your business online. Featuring the occasional guest blogger, her insider perspective on the content marketing industry punctuates each article with a reliable, authentic and truthful voice. A great read for businesses looking to understand why they should be making the (long overdue) jump to the content marketing bandwagon.


Listed by AdAge Power 150 as one of the world’s best marketing blogs, AdamVincenzini[dot]com is the brainchild of Adam Vincenzini, who uses his insights as a social media guru to examine the role content plays in the ever-changing digital marketing space. Vincenzini is also managing partner of Kamber, whose mammoth 14-part 2014 social media trends series is well worth a read.


Having amassed quite the dedicated online following, the “how to” structure of Darren Rowse’s blog, ProBlogger, nicely fills a niche in the online marketing blog world. Clearly knowing where his strengths lie, Rowse uses his expertise, knowledge and passion for all things blogging to really inform his readers about his field, making this a must-read resource for anyone who is serious about getting into blogging and online marketing.

PR Warrior

With links to other bloggers, interviews and case studies aplenty, PR Warrior, the official blog of communications expert Trevor Young, is a useful hub of information. Featuring articles and observations on current and future trends, it’s the perfect place to go to keep up to date on everything happening in the industry.

Bookmarked these sites? Good. Now off you go to enjoy a nice slice of pavlova. Happy Australia Day!

Leigh Credlin – Editorial Assistant 


Have you come across any fantastic Australian marketing blogs? We’d love you to share them in the commments below! 


  • Terrific list with a couple new finds in it for me. I haven’t run across the Social Media Trends series so thanks for that great tip. Very flattered to be included with this mob.

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