Australian Content Marketing Research 2014

November 20, 2013Uncategorized

It’s one of the most anticipated days of the year – the release of the Content Marketing Institute’s Australian content marketing research. Sponsored by King Content and produced in conjunction with ADMA, the research offers key insights into content marketing budgets, benchmarks and trends in Australia.

We’ve grown to become particularly excited about the annual Content Marketing Institute research report. It not only enables us to see how the content marketing industry has evolved in Australia over the past twelve months, but delivers some key statistics around the effectiveness of certain tactics and distribution methods.

So how are Australian marketers utilising content marketing?  Are they achieving their objectives or struggling with the demands of digital content generation?

We’ve put together the infographic below to highlight and contextualise some of the findings. 

King Content infographic

Here are the five essential takeaways from the research:

1. Content marketing is here to stay!

  • 93% of Australian marketers are utilising content marketing.
  • 69% of Australian marketers are producing more content now than they did one year ago.
  • 81% of marketers plan to increase (or significantly increase) their content marketing budgets.

2. Australian content marketers have fallen in love with LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is the most widely utilised social media platform for content marketers.
  • LinkedIn is also rated as the most effective media platform for content distribution.

3. Content objectives need to be aligned with the right success metrics

There is a clear disconnect between the organisational goals or objectives of content marketing, and the ways in which success is measured. The table below demonstrates this.

Australian content marketing research

Although website traffic is far from being the top organisational goal, it is the top content marketing metric. Conversely ‘brand awareness’ – which is the top organisational goal for content marketing – is the least favoured metric.

So what’s the lesson?

Marketers need to become savvier when incorporating measurable criteria into their content marketing. Raw website traffic offers little insight into which content is working for your brand, why it has been effective, and how this success translates into profitable business outcomes.

 4.The challenges for Australian marketers utilising content marketing remain the same: resources, time, and budget!

  • 66% cite lack of time.
  • 44% cite producing enough content.
  • 41% cite producing a variety of content.
  • 41% cite producing the kind of content that engages.
  • 38% cite lack of budget.

Note: Many of these challenges come down to planning and the strategic approach that marketers are taking

 5Australian marketers need to get serious about developing documented content strategies

Only 52% of Australian marketers utilising content marketing have a documented content strategy.

The absence of a content strategy goes a long way towards explaining the key challenges felt by content marketers as well as their apparent lack of effectiveness (- only 33% of Australian marketers rated their content marketing as effective).

While Australian marketers (52%) are more likely than North American (43%) and UK (42%) marketers to have a documented content strategy, it’s still worrying that 43% of Australian marketers are resourcing for content marketing, as well as producing more and more online content, without any thought for strategic objectives or quantifiable ROI.


The original Content Marketing Institute presentation: 


Were you surprised by any of the research findings? Share your take on the research below.

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