Adapting your social media strategy for Facebook's new rules

September 6, 2013Uncategorized

Adapting your social media strategy for Facebook's new rules (s)In a move that has been overwhelmingly supported by businesses online, Facebook has revised their stringent promotions guidelines and permitted competitions without the use of an app. That’s right – competitions can now be brought to your followers from the comfort of your own timeline.

Having ditched the third-party app to better align themselves with the agenda of marketers, Facebook promotions are now an accessible tactic for small and large businesses alike. Here are the guidelines for Facebook’s new competition rules:

  • You can collect entries by having users like/comment a page post.
  • You can collect entries by having users message the page.
  • You cannot administer a promotion on a personal timeline or encourage users to share or tag themselves on a page post.

So what are the benefits of these new competition guidelines?

Competition turnover will increase

A promoted post does not have a long shelf life. If Nostradamus was still kicking around, you can be sure he’d be predicting a wave of free things that would come raining down – this is the bandwagon businesses will be jumping on. And so should you.

During the reign of the third-party app, business pages that ran competitions saw an increase in page followers. increased their fan base by 39,000, Huggies 118,000 and TVNZ U grew from 1000 fans to 15,000.

Page growth

Competitions – especially easy-to-enter ones – add value to your page and will earn you followers and engagement.

The visibility of the competition and its entrants is extremely advantageous. When you see one person’s like/comment you are more inclined to respond, creating a snowball effect. The Engagement Project is delving into this at the moment.

Foster your community

By removing third-party apps that direct the user away from the page – and shifting the focus away from sign-ups – you will cultivate the feeling of a true community. Much like the necessity to redesign a webpage for mobile, by engineering a user-friendly experience you allow for a seamless to and fro with the customer.

Financially accessible

These changes have drastically reduced how much a promotion costs a business to develop and run. App creation and big-buck design are thrown out the window, allowing for money to be dedicated to purchasing a prize worth winning and optional spend on Facebook ads.

What does this mean for your brand’s social media strategy?

Businesses and brands on Facebook run online competitions to both raise the profile of their company as well increase user engagement – the real measure of social success. These changes present a great opportunity for marketers to optimise their social media strategy for success by including more competitions.

Brands hoping to capitalise on this newfound accessibility, however, will need to act quickly and creatively as we foresee Facebook users being inundated with requests and competitions beginning to lose some of their lustre.

Nevertheless, we’re excited by this development and say that it’s about time, Facebook!

Abbey Ford – Community Manager 

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