What 2015 bears for content marketing in Asia

January 29, 2015Uncategorized

While last year saw more and more companies embrace the idea of content marketing in Asia, few managed to fully integrate all the facets throughout their internal structures. Let’s make 2015 the year of doing things ‘smarter’.

2015: The smarter year

Although the implementation is most commonly led by the marketing department, content marketing touches on many more functions of the organisation – HR, PR, legal, etc.

A clear and well-documented content strategy is therefore crucial to a company’s ultimate success. As most brands have been testing the technique of content marketing – largely through campaign-based executions in 2014 – the ‘do things smarter’ year of 2015 will see a surge in the development of cohesive and comprehensive content strategy work.

Strategy development

During the strategy development stage, it is imperative to include all relevant stakeholders within the organisation to document and agree upon a common directive. This, in turn, will drive a much more structured alignment of goals, key performance indicators and objectives.

The formulation and definition of these goals will also require the company to think cross-laterally, honestly and openly about their business and, more importantly, their (potential) customers.

While most businesses ultimately consider content marketing a lead and/or sales technique, the value can be measured in many different ways, such as engagement, clickthrough patterns and shareability.

According to Unilever’s senior vice president of marketing, Marc Mathieu: “Marketing used to be creating a myth and telling it. Now it’s about finding a truth and sharing it.”

Doing things smarter and the formulation of a strategic approach will not only force content marketers to realign their content across the buyer journey, but also empower them to adjust the mix of content (custom, licensed and social).

The new 4Ps in marketing

Here’s a simple checklist for content marketers:

  • Plan.
  • Produce.
  • Promote.
  • Perfect.

The middle two components have been tried and tested. In 2015, marketers will need to address the first and last!

Lastly, as the role of content within the organisation intensifies, we will also witness brands hiring content managers to help steer them along and maintain the momentum.


Header image courtesy of xyza bacani via Flikr.